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Digital Signature

"We take over the installation of Digital Signatures and the Submission of Public Tender Bids for Businesses and Organizations, Immediately, Reliably, Nationwide."

Public Tenders [Submission of Bids]

  • Complete Service

  • Nationwide Support, Immediately

  • Experience - Specialization


We fully cover the process of obtaining Digital Signature. Our company has served successfully hundreds of companies and public institutions. We are able to provide immediate services through simple Procedures, Reliably and Responsibly throughout Greece.

We offer Business Support Services for companies in order to participate in Electronic Public Tenders (ESIDIS). The bidding process is performed through the Electronic Platform (Information System) of the Ministry.

The Alert Service ( provides full access and Immediate Information from all Public Tenders (Procurements in Greece), and for the areas (Regions) that interest you. Check how the Information Platform alertdda works through the trial period.

Immediate Service &Coverage in all areas of the country:

  • Digital Signature Installation.
  • Submission of Public Tenders.
  • Update on New Procurements.

Continuous Support (after sales) in all Regions of Greece.


  • Office Marousi Athens

    2, Pentelis Str.&148, Kifissias Ave. (2nd floor)

  • Office Heraklion Crete

    • 3, Machis Kritis Str., Chanioporta (1st floor)

  • Business Hours

    Hours: 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

  • Contact Phones

    Τηλ. 2108028330, 2811756859

Investment Centeris an up to date model business support office. We fully take into consideration the satisfaction of the real needs of businesses/ institutions with whom we cooperate. Our goal is the integrated approach of each customer so that they enjoy a complete framework of solutions.
We possess experience, know-how and well-trained staff. Our company has shown excellent results in:
⬢ Digital Signature installation,
⬢ the submission of Electronic Public Tenders,
⬢ information on Public Procurements and New Tenders.
Since electronic submission of public tenders became mandatory, our company has successfully installed hundreds of Digital Signatures throughout Greece. This fact substantiates a guarantee and secures the most smooth and immediate service.

Πιστοποιημένη Εταιρεία - Λίστα ΑΠΕΔ


Our company specializes and has unique experience in the Installation of Digital Signatures. Since the mandatory transition to the electronic submission of Public Tenders (through the ESIDIS information system), we have successfully completed a great number of Digital Signature installations as well as submissions of Public Tenders.

The large number of projects we have completed and the solid collaborations with our clients, combined with our experienced human resources with a high level of know-how, make us exceed as a model office.

The goal regarding the issuance of the Digital (Electronic) Signature is that the legal representative of a company or an institution can successfully sign digitally, easily and quickly. The process is performed entirely by us, without the need for any customer to spend time waiting, contacting ministries, repeatedly visiting public services.

Regarding the conduct of Public Tenders, our goal is the correct and successful bidding process, with responsibility and reliability.

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What customers who trusted us said:

Thank you very much for your time and for your effort to serve us. It is something very rare nowdays.

-Imports - Exports of Electronic Systems
You are very helpful and you helped us immediately. Thank you very much. We really appreciate it and thank you for your assistance.
-Transports Company
Thank you very much for your prompt service.
-Logistics Services Company

Thank you for the excellent cooperation we had regarding the digital signature!!!

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