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General Information Electronic Public Tenders

General Information Electronic Public Tenders

The Public Tenders for products/services concern government procurement. They are the purchases carried out by various agencies such as:

  • Public services (Ministries, Hospitals, Hellenic Police, Hellenic Army General Staff, Fire Brigade, etc.),
  • Local governments (Regions, Prefectures, Municipalities, Communities) and
  • Public Utilities (EYDAP, OSE, OASA),

These purchases are made according to specific procedures and include goods, works and services considered necessary for the operation of the above entities.

The Government, like any buyer, carries out a market survey in order to end up with the product of its choice,. However, unlike the private sector, the State does not go from supplier to supplier to find the best offer, but invites suppliers, in the form of a Public Tender, to submit their offers.

In general, government procurement, or Public Sector procurement, is completed with the help of written contracts, "government procurement contracts" or simply "government contracts", as they are called. These are what determine the content and terms of an agreement between an organization (which is the contracting authority) and individuals/businesses (the suppliers).

Since 01/01/2014 it is mandatory to conduct public tenders electronically, through the digital platform of ESIDIS (NATIONAL ELECTRONIC PUBLIC CONTRACTS SYSTEM). In the first phase, it concerns supply and service contracts with a budget of over €60,000 (Law 4155/2013). 

We provide total support to businesses for their participation in Public Electronic Tenders.

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