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Ψηφιακή Υπογραφή

Qualified Digital Signature

We fully cover the process of obtaining a Digital Signature. Our company has successfully served hundreds of companies and public institutions. We are able to provide immediate services through simple Procedures, Reliably and Responsibly Nationwide.

We specifically offer:

 ⬣ Providing and Installing the necessary equipment/usb token immediately.

  ⬣ Configuration of the Qualified Digital Certificates [usb token].

  ⬣ Installation of the required software [on your computer(s)].

  ⬣ Proper training of the end user for the creation and use of digitally signed documents.

 ⬣ Availability of yearly technical support.

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Certified USB TOKENS

In the last 6 years, our company has used hundreds of USB TOKENS for Public Tenders, Development Law, Land Registry, Public Organizations, etc. and offers you the best solution - cost [value for money].


Ask us which USB TOKENS we recommend, which ones have been tested, as well as which Digital Signatures work smoothly. We recommend Usb Tokens (based on the list of the Ministry of Digital Governance) that have been verified to work correctly with the public digital key infrastructure of APED (Hellenic Public Administration Certification Authority).

⬣The Investment Center belongs to the list of the APED Ministry - Hellenic Public Administration Certification Authority ( as all the digital certificates that have been issued so far have been received and checked that they work correctly with the ministry's infrastructure (APED)


USB Oberthur Token EVO [Cosmo v8.1 R2 - IDEMIA])  
USB Safenet eToken 5110cc [Gemalto/ Thales/ MD 940]  

Our company provides the latest updated USB Oberthur Token EVO [Cosmo v8.1 R2 - IDEMIA] and USB Safenet eToken 5110cc [Gemalto/ Thales/ MD 940] to fully cover the requirements of the Ministry regarding Qualified Certificates as of 2022.

From the beginning of 2022, only USB Oberthur Token EVO and Safenet 5110 ID Prime MD940 are used due to the stricter policy of the Ministry's institutional framework for Digital Signatures (APED - Hellenic Public Administration Certification Authority).



The new USB TOKENs that are now accepted have been renamed from Advanced Signature Generation Provisions to Qualified  Signature Generation Provisions. You may read about the Scheduled update of APED.

Here are the older versions of USB e-tokens (accepted by the Ministry):  

Our experience with digital signatures installed by our company so far has led us to use mostly:

⬣ USB Oberthur Token EVO [Technical Specifications
⬣ Safenet IDPrime MD840 SAC 10.5
⬣ USB SAFENET e-token 5100, 5110 
⬣ USB token Athena ID.


The above usb tokens have demonstrated a certainty in proper operation, as in more than 8,000 installations since the year 2015, there was no defective product or any malfunction.


USB SAFENET e-token 5100
USB e-tokens Athena, Safenet, 5100 - 5110 

What customers who trusted us said:

Thank you very much for your time and for your effort to serve us. It is something very rare nowdays.

-Imports - Exports of Electronic Systems
You are very helpful and you helped us immediately. Thank you very much. We really appreciate it and thank you for your assistance.
-Transports Company
Thank you very much for your prompt service.
-Logistics Services Company

Thank you for the excellent cooperation we had regarding the digital signature!!!

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