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Digital Signature for Companies

Our company fully covers the process for obtaining a Digital Signature. Having successfully served hundreds of Businesses and Public Organizations (INDICATIVE CLIENTELLE), we are able to provide Simplified, Immediate, Reliable and Responsible Procedures throughout Greece. ​The entire process for a business or public organization to be able to digitally sign is taken care of. Specifically, we provide:

⬣ Acquisition and Installation of the necessary equipment [Usb Token].

⬣ Configuration of Recognized Certificates and the necessary programs (on a usb token and on a computer).

⬣ Excellent user training for digitally signing documents.

⬣ Option of Annual Technical Support.


The Investment Center [Blackbird Group] is included in the list of the Ministry of Digital Governance (APED - Hellenic Public Administration Certification Authority) as all digital certificates that have been issued, have been received and have been verified to work correctly with the infrastructure of the Ministry (APED).


In the last 6 years, our company has undertaken a number of installations of USB TOKENS for cases where the use of a Digital Signature is mandatory, such as:

  • in Public Electronic Tenders in order for a company to participate (ESIDIS, cosmoONE, iSupplies).
  • in professional categories such as Engineers, Pharmacists, Doctors, Lawyers, Notaries, Realtors, Economists.
  • in cases of Public Organizations such as Public Service Employees, Elected Officials, Educators.
  • in cases of mandatory use of the Digital Signature, such as the Development Law.

Having the experience of more than 8,000 installations, we recommend the optimal solution - cost [value for money]. Ask us which USB TOKENS we recommend, which ones have been tested, as well as which Digital Signatures work smoothly.

USB E-TOKEN / SAFENET 5110cc GEMALTO IDPrime [MD 940 - THALES] / OBERTHUR Token EVO [Cosmo v8.1 R2 - IDEMIA] 

Usb Tokens (based on a list of Ministry specifications) that have been tested to work properly with with the APED Public Key infrastructure are recommended.

Our company provides the latest updated [Certified] Usb Tokens that fully meet the Ministry's requirements for Recognized Certificates as of 2022.

We exclusively use USB TOKENS that have been tested and have a guarantee of proper operation. They are included in the Ministry's recognized Qualified Signature Generation Provisions list, meeting all the requirements of the Ministry of Digital Governance (APED - Hellenic Public Administration Certification Authority).

In addition to the optional annual technical support provided, we can guarantee that said USB Oberthur Token EVO [Cosmo v8.1 R2 - IDEMIA] / SAFENET 5110cc GEMALTO ID Prime [MD 940] (continuation of Safenet 5100/ 5110) will not present any malfunction, technical problem, incompatibility (conflict) or faulty use. This is proven daily in all our Digital Signature installations Nationwide.


eTokens (USB Oberthur Token EVO and USB TOKEN Safenet Gemalto) are devices that look like a USB memory stick, in which the digital certificates are stored. The supplied equipment is a certified Qualified Signature Generation Provision and meets the requirements of EETT Decision 295-63 (Government Gazette 1730/2003):

-Secure Signature Generation Device
-Qualified Signature Generation Provision
-Encryption device in usb format
-Provides strong user authentication
-Works with all Recognized Certificates
-The details of the electronic identity card are stored securely in it and are easily available
-To authenticate themselves, users simply plug the device into the USB port and enter their code
-Ensures easy integration with your organization's existing infrastructure in line with security policies
-Certified to CC EAL 4+
-Capacity 72K
-Java Operating System
-Accompanied by a working MW
-Windows Server 2008/R2, Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux, Windows 8, Windows 10
-IP authentication

Our company has expertise and unique experience in the installation of Digital Signatures, aiming to the correct and perfect completion of the process. Since the mandatory transition to the use of Electronic Signatures, we have successfully undertaken a number of installations. The large number of projects that we have handled, and the stable collaborations with clients, combined with the experienced human resources with high technical knowledge, make us a model office.

Our goal is for the legal representative of a business or organization to be able to sign digitally, easily and quickly. The process is done entirely by us, without the need for the client to spend time waiting, communicating with ministries, repeated visits to services, etc.

More information at 2108028330, 2810823002, or fill out the Contact Form below so we can call you.

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